TPMS Reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System Auto Alarm System With 4 External Sensors (Model:902)




  • ★ Accurate Visual and Audible Warning – Real-time monitors the tires pressure, tires temperature and low sensor battery voltage
  • ★ 2-In-1 Customize Design – Inbuilt 5V/1A USB output for charging device
  • ★ User-Friendly Model – This TP-78 Model comes with Large Clear Multi-color LCD Cigarette Lighter Display & Convertible Psi / Bar Pressure Units for flexible selection
  • ★ Flexible & Simple Sensor Installation/Relocation, 4 External Anti-theft and Waterproof Valve-cap Sensors
  • ★ Long batteries life more than 2 years if you drive 3-4 hs per day, only for family sharing car model, if your cigarette diverter is too deep, this TPMS is unworkable




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