Enklov WiFi/Landline Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit

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%e5%b8%a6%e5%8c%85%e8%a3%85%e4%b8%bb%e6%9c%ba%e5%9b%be%e6%a0%87Enklov Wireless WiFi/Landline Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit with One Controller Hub,5 Pairs Door/Window Contact Sensor,2pcs PIR Motion Sensor,2pcs Remote Tag,App Control by Smartphone


DUAL NETWORK : WiFi and Landline/PSTN friendly alarm system.WiFi connection works on 2.4GHz bandwith.With free IOS/Android smartphone App,you can adjust whole system setting on App in your own phone anywhere anytime.The Phone Line/PSTN connection is a backup monitoring type in case of your home wifi connection is not reliable.When an alarm is triggered, pre-added phone numbers will be alerted by an app push notification or a phone call if your house WiFi is down

INTRUSION PROTECTION : 5sets wireless contact sensor used on doors, windows,cabinets and any important entry areas of your home.When someone try to intrude into your house through window or door,opening them a little will trigger the sensor to alert you;2sets wireless PIR motion sensor to detect movement within 8meter,110 degree field of view coverange day and night. It can mount on a wall, in a corner to protect against intruder that enter without opening a door or window

RELIABLE SYSTEM : The main controller hub is responsible for connecting with all of sensors,triggers siren loud around 80db to scare burglars.With backup battery support 8hours working if lose power;Up to six phone numbers can be added for emergency notifications;Support rename different zone(8 zones) name,sensors name,zone property name, then hub will tell you exactly what happened and which door, window or cabinet just opened so that you can track and make better informed decisions

DIY INSTALLATION : DIY home security,no contracts no monthly monitoring fee.Tool-free setup and assembling, plug and play installation,you can take and remove easily.Supports expansion of up to 64pcs sensors and 8pcs remote tags paired with one main panel hub.All control in app by your smartphone

WARRANTY : This is a 2.4ghz supported security alarm system and it does not support 5ghz networks. Kindly refer the User Manual before use; Full 1-Year Warranty and Lifetime support provided from GAZE SECURITY. Please email our customer service sophie@baiyutrade.com to get help for any problems.



1). Main Controller Hub:

• Function: Responsible for communicating with all sensors and decide when and how to send you alert notification.
• Support Expansions:64pcs sensors,8pcs remote tags ,built-in 3.7V 800mAh back up battery
• Monitoring Types: Dual Network,Phone Line and WIFI
• Frequency:433MHz
• Input:DC 5V 1A
• Siren loud around 80db

2). PIR Motion Sensor:

• Function:Protect any place of yor house that can’t be cover by contact access sensor,wiothout opening door or window.Not Pet immunity PIR Detector Type
• Installation Mode :Wall mounted by bracket
• Operating voltage: 4.5V
• Transmitting Freq.: 433MHz
• Transmitting Distance: minimum 100m,in the open area
• Detecting Coverage:8M,110degree field of view
• Installation Height: around 2.2m
• Battery:3*AAA battery

3). Wireless Door / Window Contact Accsee Sensor:

• Function:Easily monitor opening of doors and windows
• Transmitting Distance: minimum 100m in open area
• Installation:≤15mm between 2 parts.

4).Wireless Remote Control:

• Turn off the alarm before you even enter the house
• Works at a range of around 80meter
• Operation Freq: 433MHz
• Built-in one 150mAh battery

Packing Information:

– 1 x Main Controller Hub
– 5 x Wireless Door/Windows Contact Sensors
– 2 x Remote Control
– 2 x PIR Motion Sensor
– 1 x DC Power Adapter
– 1 x Phone Line
– Adhesive Sticker & Bracket
– 6pcs*AAA Batterys

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